Alistair Mann - update

19 April 2021
Once again thank you to everyone I saw - and those who couldn't yet see
me because of covid - on my recent visit to London. I'm back in Suffolk
now and should be back in London towards the end of June 2021. Until then
I will be answering calls & emails, and doing remote work where I can!

2 April 2021
I'm in London again for the next couple of weeks, and probably again in
early July. If you'd like to be seen telephone me soon and I'll make sure
I can fit you in!
-- Alistair

19 January 2021
I'll next be in London around Easter 2021.

Thanks to everyone I saw while I was in London in early January. About
15% of appointments had to be postponed because of covid restrictions
affecting those clients: I wish them the best and hope to see them
in a few months' time!

Exact dates of return will likely be decided early March.
-- Alistair

10 December 2020
I'll now be returning to London from the 2nd to the 15th of January
2021. I'll be working the weekends and evenings so if you'd like a
visit during that time, please give me a call. If you prefer
particular days or times please call sooner rather than later as
in September slots vanished quite quickly.

Demand in London is still way down - a goodly few people have left the
city to bunker down with relatives far away - so after 15th January I
plan to return to Suffolk to do likewise until at least Easter. Once
there I'll help the two or three who call me each week, remotely, as
best I can.

Whether I see you or not, I wish you and yours a peaceful Christmas
and a happier New Year!
-- Alistair

18 September 2020
Thank you to everyone I was able to meet during my brief time back
in London. I've now given my accommodation to my son so he can finish
his degree. I'll make a decision at the end of this November as to
returning either in Mid-December or very early January 2021. Should
lockdown stop his studies on-site, I'll come back earlier. Stay tuned
here for updates!

13 July 2020
I will be returning to London for three weeks starting 17 Aug 2020.
First visits will go to clients who were expecting me to visit
before lockdown - I'll be emailing and telephoning them shortly.
Whether I stay in London afterwards depends on my son's University
schedule - which has yet to be agreed! I'm looking forward to being
back, if only for that short while. My best to all - Alistair

13 May 2020
Alas my mother-in-law passed away in her sleep yesterday. As my wife
is immunocompromised we'll remain away from London likely until at
least July. Best wishes to you all - A

6 April 2020
Thank you to my wellwishers! My sabbatical has now started so I'm no
longer taking calls except for those small number with whom I've made
other arrangements. My best to you all!

21 March 2020
With the coronavirus outbreak, I've decided to stop visits effectively
immediately. I will continue to help however I can until April 4th. Any
work already underway will be completed as best can. Any appointments
over the next two weeks are postponed until I can return to London - I
will contact those affected then. These are crazy times, and I wish you
and yours all the very best in prevailing over them!

16 February 2020
I've long offered cheaper appointments booked in advance. I have few
of those slots left before I stop - get in touch soon if that's what
you're after!

3 February 2020
Alas No, I'll not be able to do this work remotely! No change to plans yet.

2 February 2020

Dear All,

I will shortly be leaving London in order to assist
my wife in the care of her mother: my last appointments
will be on Saturday April 4th 2020.

I've long offered cheaper 'booked in advance' rates: if you'd like such an appointment before I leave, please contact me by Sunday February 23rd 2020.

Alas I am not able to give you someone else's number - everyone who's good is either swallowed up by the tech companies around Old Street, or lives too far away to regularly travel in: I'm afraid you'll have to ask around your neighbours for someone else. If you have an account at, you might have luck asking there too.

After my Mother-in-Law's passing we'll return to London and I'll continue working, but of course I can't guarantee when that might be. If that happens before Easter, then this Sabbatical will be postponed indefinitely.

If circumstances change, I'll put an update on this page.

It has been my pleasure to provide computer support to North London for more than 25 years, and wish you all the very best for the future.

Thank you for your business!
     - Alistair Mann (07899 846 648)